Sanders Raises Millions Bashing Campaign Finance


In a shocking series of events, Bernie Sanders was able to raise $5.2 million in less than 24 hours. Since the beginning of his campaign, Sanders has relied on small-dollar amount contributions made by multiple donors. After his victory in New Hampshire on February 9th, the Vermont Senator took to the stage to tell anyone listening to visit and add their contribution. It obviously worked as such a high dollar amount was raised in only a small amount of time.


Sanders jabs Clinton

During his victory speech, Sanders said that he was going to New York City, but not to hold a fundraiser on Wall Street. This was a jab at his opponent, Hillary Clinton, who uses a high dollar approach for raising money. He said that he was going to hold a fundraiser right here, right now in America. The amount of money raised following was enough to pay all of Sanders’ campaign staff in 2015. This number beat out his previous record of raising $3 million towards his campaign. Obviously, this is a lot of money to help boost his campaign, but Sanders didn’t stop there. On Wednesday afternoon after fundraising numbers came in, the Bernie Sanders campaign team sent out an email to supporters asking for more and stating that ” money raised will send shivers down the spines of the nation’s financial elite and political establishment”. He obviously wants everyone in the nation to “feel the Bern”.


Bernie’s success in fundraising

Overall, Sanders’ campaign has received 3.7 million contributions from about 1.3 million individuals. The average contribution made by individuals in $27. These stats really show why he has been so successful in his campaign. Sanders is going to need even more money as he continues on with his campaign. His staff is currently working on advertising outlets in the states of Nevada, South Carolina, Colorado, Minnesota, and Oklahoma. These are just some of the states that Clinton has a strong presence in, so his campaign team will do their best to get Sanders’ campaign ideas to the people of these states.


Money doesn’t necessarily mean success

Although Bernie Sanders and his campaign team are doing everything they can to get the fundraising money to expand advertising projects, more money does not always lead to a victory. Jeb Bush spent $3,000 for each vote won in Iowa, but was unsuccessful in the state. Clinton has raised a lot of money through small donor contributions and had close to 700,000 individual contributions. She does, however, rely on those high-dollar fundraisers. Last year, she was able to raise $114 million, and 58 percent of that number came from high dollar donors providing a donation of $2,700. Now well into 2016, numbers are changing. Clinton brought in $15 million in January, while Sanders brought in $20 million.


Since these two are so close in the polls, the extra money for additional campaigning efforts might just be what they need to overpower the other. If you are interested in contributing to Sanders’ campaign efforts, click here.


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