Mall of Entertainment planned for Albertville

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Minnesota is well known for one of their biggest entertainment spots, The Mall of America. In addition to being the largest shopping mall in the United States, the Mall of America also has many attractions, dining locations, and special events. Now it seems that another project is in the works for part of Minnesota. A new development was just announced and is expected to be called the “mall of entertainment“. This new project is bringing more entertainment to the state of Minnesota, which might help to make it a hot vacation spot for families.


Mall of Entertainment

Sony Pictures is working with a development group in Minnesota to create an indoor entertainment center that would be Hollywood themed. The project is expected to cost around $115 million dollars and will include a variety of entertainment to guests. A Marriott hotel, large water park, and amusement park will all be included in the mall of entertainment. Since Sony is a part of this project, the amusement park will be based on several of the company’s famous movie characters and themes, such as “Men In Black” and the “Smurfs”. This new fun attraction is also going to be very cost friendly, with just a $20 entrance fee, which is something that the developers believe will attract families on a budget.


Development of the mall

So when might we expect to see this entertainment mall’s grand opening? Development is planned to begin in the summer of 2016, and they are hoping that the entertainment mall will be opened in late 2017. It is just a matter of getting everything together to begin the project. Sony Pictures agreed to branding rights in 2015, as was an agreement with Marriott to be the hotel for the entertainment mall. The amusement park is expected to measure 50,000 square feet, which would be located next to the 275-room Marriott. Attached to the hotel would be the 50,000 square foot water park. This new attraction will be neighbor to an outlet mall, which will make it an even bigger entertainment area. The location for the entertainment mall is owned by developers and has been rezoned with the city of Albertville. City Administrator, Adam Nafstad said that the city is excited to see site plans and details regarding the development. iP2 Entertainment, located out of Los Angeles, is the development partner on the project. The company tries to specialize in entertainment centers and opened their first two concepts in other countries. Indonesia and the Philippines were the first two countries to have an entertainment center created by iP2, and the company is working on two additional locations, not including the one that will be built in Albertville.


Albertville resident and city official backing

Many residents of the Albertville area believe that the new entertainment venue won’t hurt the area. This project is expected to bring in about 2,000 jobs, which is great for the economy. Governor Mark Dayton is also in support of the project, especially because of the potential for job growth. Nafstad said the concept of this entertainment mall has been in works for years. It is great to see they are finally making progress and the entertainment mall will be open in just a few short years.


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