Celebrity Nose Jobs: The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly

When you think of celebrities, you probably think of gorgeous people with nary a flaw in sight. And, while it’s true that most celebrities are downright lovely, the vast majority of them weren’t exactly born that way. Most celebs have dabbled in one or more types of plastic surgery, and by far, the most common…alteration…is rhinoplasty, also known, quite simply, as a nose job.

More often than not, these nose jobs turn out well or mostly unnoticeable. Sometimes, though, they’re not so great. It really all depends on the surgeon who performs the procedure and how well the new nose works on the person’s face. Here, we’ll detail a wide range of celebrity nose jobs, including the best of the best and the worst of the worst.

The Good: Jennifer Aniston

Jennifer Aniston has always been pretty. In fact, she was pretty enough to land a role or two in her pre-nose-job days, back when her nose was maybe just a tad bit wider than it should have been. It wasn’t until after she slimmed down her nose, however, that her career really took off and she landed a role on the hit sitcom Friends.

Her subtle nose job, which Aniston blamed on a “deviated septum” and “sleeping problems,” really took her to the next level, and it made her even more gorgeous than she was before. Well played, Aniston, well played.

The Bad: Jennifer Grey

Chances are that you remember Jennifer Grey in her star turn as Baby in Dirty Dancing. If not, then you probably know her, at the very least, from her small but memorable role in Ferris Bueller’s Day Off. However, there’s a pretty good chance you don’t remember her much after that. That’s because, after these breakout movies, Grey decided to “fix” her nose, a decision that rendered her unrecognizable and well…forgettable.

It wasn’t that her infamous nose job was “bad,” exactly. It was more just that it took away everything special and unique about the once-quirky actress. Don’t worry too much, though. Grey recently did a stint on Dancing with the Stars that helped people remember her name again.

The Ugly: Heidi Montag

Finally, no article about celebrity plastic surgery would be complete without a mention of Heidi Montag. The Hills star shows up on pretty much all of these lists, mainly because she’s had so much work done. The reality star has reportedly had her breasts, cheeks, chin, and nose operated on, decisions that she now says she regrets. While her nose job is definitely less than spectacular, the thing that makes it so downright ugly is likely just the fact that she’s had so very much done to her face that she doesn’t look much like a real person anymore!

As you can see, lots of celebrities have gone under the knife to fix their schnozes, but, for the most part, they would have been just fine without the unnecessary pain and suffering.

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